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College Financial Planning


Money is often given in celebration of a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. In many circles, these gift totals can be significant.

What should you do when your thirteen-year-old is gifted thousands of dollars?

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Prospective Collegiate Student-Athletes
Financing Your Education

Is your child a potential collegiate student-athlete? If so, you may be faced with making unique college, athletic and financial decisions on an accelerated calendar. Understanding this, in advance, provides you the opportunity to research and plan the exciting times that lay ahead.

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College Planning: 
Determining Your Best Strategy

Financial planning for college is important; today, the cost of higher education often seems astronomical. Advance planning with an eye toward the future can help make what may seem impossible a reality.

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5 Reasons Why You SHOULD Use a Professional College Advisor

“Operation Varsity Blues” monopolized the news cycle last week. It was on television, all over social media and the main topic of conversation among adults and teens alike. Sadly, this story shines a light on what is terribly wrong with many of those affiliated with the college application process including advisors, coaches, parents and tutors.

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