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Selection of a financial advisor is an important decision, one that should not be taken lightly. This relationship is one which ideally is honest and long-term. Your financial advisor should understand your investment philosophy, risk tolerance, and financial background and should work to develop a plan to achieve your goals.

The right advisor for you will be able to understand your business, your family most importantly, how these two will affect each other today, in the near future and in the long run. He will be able to help you better understand how your needs can be met through careful planning and understanding the environment in which you operate and liveYour advisor must be able to comprehend your needs and help offer solutions that take into account the effects of both the local and global economies.

Evan Wolk, of Wolk Financial Management, has developed a professional reputation as being honest, straightforward and extremely well-versed in the broad range of investment vehicles available in today’s complex marketplace. In fact, the company’s philosophy is based on Evan’s business values: building long-term honest relationships and assisting his clients in attaining their investment goals. He is a hands-on manager who believes in regular communication and a “no surprises” approach. WFM has an open-door policy and Evan looks forward to meeting with his clients whenever the need arises.

For more information on Wolk Financial Management, please contact Evan directly at 954-937-0232 or at